• Most Secure email for your business

    Most Secure email for your business

    Hosted in nuclear bunker with autonomous electricity. All your information securely stored on our own servers with no access for unauthorized persons. No information sharing with somebody trying watching your business.

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  • Professional way to share files

    Professional way to share files

    Files at is documents storage/ backup and sharing solution for business. It speeds up the process of collaboration between your team and external third parties anywhere on any device.

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  • Stay connected from anywhere

    Stay connected from anywhere

    You can use email from web, desktop applications like outlook, from mobile phones and tablets. Additional version for mobile devices can be found on google Play & iTunes stores for free.

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  • Ads free with Antivirus

    Ads free with Antivirus

    All your emails are checked for viruses and spam. Don't be afraid opening attachments - all will be clean. No Ads and price starts from 1 Euro per mailbox after 3 free.

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Email & Files storage Designed For Business Users

Secure file sharing & storage

  • Shared Domain Files storage up to 100 Gb
  • Personal Files storage up to 10 Gb
  • Max size for one upload file is 1.5 Gb
  • Storage space for any file type
  • Parallel file downloading and folders sharing
  • Intuitive and simplified sharing controls

Ads, Spam and Virus free email

  • Protected by Kaspersky Antivirus
  • Spam is filtered by 3 different spam filters
  • No advertising using service
  • No advertising on Your sent/received email

Flexible email for domain

  • 20 Gb storage per email
  • Free DNS hosting
  • No email sending limit
  • No limit for mailboxes in one domain
  • No limit on rules and filters
  • Multiple domains per account

We offer Free and Premium version mail can be used by all owners of registered domains, irrespective of the domain's place of registration.

We offer free and "Premium" version. Give it a try! Nothing like experiencing the real thing and deciding for yourself.

3 free email accounts. Paid version: 1 Euro / month / user for 20 Gb storage.

Find out the benefits of «Premium» version here.

Your Benefits

1. Zero maintenance, focus on business & productivity

Focus on getting your tasks done while we take care of the hard part of maintaining servers, software, backup solutions etc.. Forget about server administration expenses and saving storage space. You never have to delete anything. Just make your work from any place.

2. Assured security & reliability

Safety of your information is our main goal. All information is backed and encrypted. We do not give access to anybody, except you. Be sure, nobody is watching you.

3. Great mobile experience

Free mobile applications are available in google Play & apple iTunes stores. Just install apps and experience more convenient mobile email.

4. Easy Document Collaboration Files for Business stores all your files and makes it available to you anytime you want it, anywhere you go. Easy to create a link to any file in your, and send it to anyone inside or outside your company. No file type restrictions and no limit of sharing time.

5. Continuous upgrades

With hosted email, there is no need to go through the download latest version and upgrade routine. It's always up-to-date. All that hard part we take care for you.

6. Substantial savings on IT costs

Save up to 90% on IT infrastructure costs, in-house email system maintenance and related IT resources.